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6 November
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I admit it freely- I am icon obsessed. Every time I see a picture now-a-days I disect it into icons. hell, sometimes I even see them in my sleep. I have no illusions. I know I am not the best icon creator out there. My icons are far less complicated then many- party because I create them on a laptop and I prefer the look of the clean and simple lines on my smaller screen. That right there is the key. The icons I create are centered around what I prefer. If you like my icons and share my preferences, feel free to add me to your friends list but know this- I do not hide my icons behind lj-cuts on this journal, so if you add me your friends page will have graphics galore. I created this journal for myself, so that the icons that scream at me demanding existance could be created and I could get some peace and quiet. I have found now that such activity only opens the way for new icons to scream their demands inside my head.
I toil ever onward in a fruitless effort to make their ceasless screaming stop.